Broken Car Key Extraction

How Keys Get Broken

While some people may think that broken car keys are rare, unfortunately, they strike many drivers and require a car key extraction. Everyday wear and tear put tension on the metal of your car key leading to its snapping – making it one of the most frequent causes of this unfortunate event. Be aware that you could be at risk from such an occurrence at any time!

It’s an accepted fact that regular use may lead to the gradual erosion of keys. Over time, certain locks and keys can suffer from more than usual wear which could result in you having a broken key sooner rather than later. Sticky car locks often cause additional resistance as you try to open the doors resulting in swift breakage of your key.

Car owners should always be mindful of their car keys and replace those that have any cracks immediately. Unfortunately, some drivers learn the importance of this practice after they are forced to hire a locksmith because they continued using keys with structural flaws—which could lead to extraction and more costly repairs! Avoiding these hassles can be as simple as paying close attention and replacing your cracked keys right away.

If the key isn’t behaving as expected, resist continuing to twist it. Often this issue is resolved by using lock lubricant—a fast and cost-efficient solution. However, further pressure on the key has the potential to inflict damage resulting in an even lengthier and more expensive fix. Keep that in mind if you’re ever stuck with a tricky ignition!

Furthermore, winter weather changes can lead to broken car keys. As temperatures decrease drastically, your key, door lock and the ignition become more vulnerable to this sudden alteration in climate. If a frozen car door has been stuck for too long it may cause the over-torquing of your key – which is unfortunately all too common during these months!

What is Broken Car Key Extraction?

Extracting car keys doesn’t have to be a difficult procedure. However, the complexity of this task depends on how stuck the key is and its condition in relation to the lock. A jammed ignition may not necessarily mean that your key broke off—if you are inexperienced with such matters, there are some DIY methods for removing broken keys which should prove helpful!

When you are met with a car key trapped in the ignition, entrusting an experienced and competent automotive locksmith is essential for extracting it. Trying to remove your vehicle’s jammed car keys by yourself will more likely than not result in damaging either your locks or even worse—your ignition! Leave this delicate task to trained professionals who know exactly how to handle such situations.

As has been previously mentioned, car key extractions are necessary when a key is either fractured within the lock of your vehicle’s door or jammed in its ignition. Although there are slight variations to this process depending on which area requires repair, we can walk you through the general steps so that you know what lies ahead.