Commercial Door Closer Installation

Your door is much more than just a sheet of wood. A lot goes into ensuring that your property in South Park remains secure, with many components working together to determine who can access it and how safe everyone will be—clients, customers and you included!

Commercial properties in CA often install door closers that can be found at the top of the doors to stop them from slamming shut or staying open. Not only do these mechanisms provide an extra layer of security, they also help those with physical disabilities in Bel Air who have difficulty opening heavy doors by keeping them securely closed while still allowing easy access and preventing any sudden jerks due to over-swinging.

Don’t forget about the importance of door closers in California! They are an invaluable tool for ensuring that your doors latch shut correctly. If you have a door that won’t close securely or slams, if you want to adhere to fire safety regulations, health and safety protocols, or bolster security measures in Malibu – then incorporating quality locksmith services for a door closer installation is the answer.

Door closers are enormously beneficial in commercial structures in California, such as offices in Venice, schools in Chinatown, hospitals in Santa Monica, and care homes in Beverly Hills. Not only do they preserve energy by ensuring doors stay shut; but they also serve an integral role during the event of a fire. By preventing both smoke and flames from spreading throughout the building in Brentwood quickly, door-closer systems can be lifesaving.

When it comes to door-closer installation in Culver City, our team of professionals has the expertise and experience needed for safe and successful completion. We offer services on aluminum, timber, and steel doors in Inglewood—you name it! Our security specialists in Manhattan Beach are always available to help guide customers in selecting the most suitable type of closing solution for their specific needs. Don’t worry about getting your measurements wrong: leave that part up to us. Get in touch with us today if you want a reliable door closer installation service from experts in Topanga who know what they’re doing.


Door closers come in an array of sizes, colors, and capabilities; however, their ultimate purpose remains the same—to keep doors closed. Without a correctly functioning door closer, even the most secure locking or access system becomes useless. Therefore it is essential that all your facility’s door closers are properly installed and suited for each specific opening they’re applied to. With different types of door closers available on the market today, you have plenty of options when it comes to protecting your building’s security.

  • Traditional Door Closers
  • Modern Door Closers (with removable covers)
  • Modern Door Closers (without a cover)
  • Concealed in door closers
  • Concealed in frame closers
  • Concealed in floor closers

Commercial Door Closer Installation and Services

From manual to automatic and surface-mounted to concealed, there are a multitude of door closer varieties. No matter the difficulty your entryway has, our team is here to help! Our services include:

  • Door Closer Repair – Let us quickly identify and resolve the issues affecting your door system to get it back in working order.
  • Door Closer Replacement – We guarantee that your broken door closer will be fixed promptly and effectively, so you can get back to business as usual.
  • Door Closer Installation – Our team of experts will work with your door frame to install a durable and reliable door closer that is tailored specifically to your needs. Let us help you minimize the hassle—we guarantee fast, efficient service each time!

Our technicians in Greater Los Angeles have been fully trained on door closer installations and repairs, having worked successfully on hundreds of such projects. Furthermore, we keep a stock of door closers handy so that our team can swiftly address any broken or malfunctioning features with a new installation if repair is not an option.