Commercial Lock Rekey Service

At LockAngeles, we comprehend that your place of work needs more comprehensive protection than what a standard residential lock can provide. We are pleased to offer superior business rekey services to the communities of Los Angeles. If you’re new to commercial property, a commercial rekey is an ideal solution! This way you don’t have to worry about old keys still working on the locks.

When it comes to commercial rekeying, LockAngeles is your number one choice in Los Angeles. Our experienced locksmiths have the proper techniques and tools necessary to efficiently disassemble any type of lock for a successful rekey. We understand that each business has different security needs and will work with you to customize a plan that fits both your budget and requirements. Rely on us for all of your commercial locking system solutions today.

Commercial Lock Rekey

As a business owner, safety is understandably one of your biggest worries. When situated in an office or rental shop, this fear can be intensified by the fact that many unknown people may have access to the locks and doors at any given time. This leaves you feeling uncertain about who might possess spare keys to your establishment—without you ever being aware of it!

With our commercial lock rekey locksmith services, you can enjoy the convenience of gaining access to new locks and keys without having to remove your existing ones.

Our talented locksmiths offer the highest quality craftsmanship to redesign all of your business’ locks, ensuring that only you have access. Our affordable rekeying services also include key cutting and duplication so you can create as many compatible keys as needed. Get complete control over your security with our professional lock services.

Rekeying a commercial lock is as simple as replacing its pins. Our specialized technicians can even do this if you have lost the original key, which requires taking out the cylinder from the lock with specific tools. Depending on your type of lock, it should take no longer than 15 minutes to rekey it correctly and safely using the proper pins and equipment.

By opting for a commercial lock rekeying service from LockAngeles, you not only eliminate the cost of buying an entirely new door knob and lock set but also gain the assurance that you alone control who can enter your business premises. Our team of highly-trained locksmiths is well-equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure reliable results in every job we perform.

Why Trust LockAngeles for Your Commercial Lock Rekey?

We proudly offer high-grade locksmith services utilizing only the most cutting-edge models and brands in commercial lock systems. Our well-trained professionals are fully equipped with the latest tools to ensure we provide you with top-of-the-line rekeying experiences. With our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to staying up-to-date on industry trends, you can trust that your commercial rekey needs will always be met quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced locksmiths are able to create a new key for you, regardless if you already have the original or not. You don’t need to replace your entire commercial lock system either. Our knowledgeable technicians can rekey your lock and make numerous copies of the key as required. Skip replacing your locks when our pros are more than capable of simply adjusting them.