Commercial Master Key System

Despite their diminutive size, keys play an immensely crucial role in safeguarding all aspects of your business. They grant us access to facilities, buildings, and vehicles; as well as areas that are locked for restricted use only. Effective management of these keys is paramount to the security measures put in place by companies and consequently enables a smooth workflow within businesses.

As more companies are turning to electronic access control systems, numerous facilities still use traditional keys. To guarantee secure entry and different levels of authorization for staff members while keeping a high-level safety standard in your commercial building, it is essential to understand how master key systems and key management operations work together harmoniously. Here we explain the process so you can ensure optimal security at all times.

Understand the Mechanics Behind a Commercial Master Key System

To understand a master key system, it is essential to know that two or more keys can be utilized to unlock one lock. Usually, this system utilizes pin tumbler locks which consist of driver pins and key pins. When the accurate key is inserted into the lock, both pins are lifted so they rest on either side of the shear line enabling access with any compatible key.

To properly secure locks, a key must have the exact cutouts to raise its pins up to the correct height. To add a master key system to an existing pin tumbler lock, you need to introduce a master wafer between its key pin and driver pin. With this addition, your lock will be able to accommodate multiple keys at once.

The Value of Master Key Systems

Our clients gain the following invaluable advantages:

  • Enhanced security measures – With a master key system, you can bestow unique security clearance to various staff members according to their individual settings and requirements.
  • Effortless accessibility – Cleaning crew and higher-ups can open up multiple departments and facilities with just one key, doing away with the need for carrying a bunch of keys.

Unlock Your Company’s Potential with a Commercial Key Management System

Despite technological advancements, standard commercial security hardware is still in widespread use. Key management systems encompass logical keying design, authorization protocols, and tracking/storage mechanisms for the range of keys needed in sprawling sites or campuses.

Advantages of Key Management Systems

The advantages of this organizational system are evident. Businesses can locate the specific key they need instantly and effortlessly. Management systems make it easy to understand how to provide access permissions for any visitors, service providers, staff members, faculty, or facility directors. Additionally, this type of system also simplifies hardware maintenance such as changing locks and making duplicate keys when needed.

Through the use of key management systems, business owners can protect their company’s assets by only permitting those who are permitted to have access. Managers can then quickly and easily identify user information as well as keep track of keys that haven’t been returned in a timely fashion.