Locked Keys In Car

At LockAngeles, we understand the importance of time when one is locked out of their car. That’s why our response time to your call is incredibly fast! We guarantee that we will be at your vehicle in the amount of time you specify during our initial phone conversation, so there’s no need for panicking or worrying about being stuck outside for too long. With us by your side, you can get back on track more quickly than ever before.

Don’t spend your time waiting in distress outside the car, especially if you have accidentally locked yourself out. We can guarantee that whatever part of Los Angeles you may be located at, our arrival times will not let you down. Once we get to help with unlocking your car, expect to hit the road again as soon as possible.

You might think it’s an easy solution to simply break, scratch, or dent your auto’s paint job in order to retrieve keys from a locked car. However, that is not why you should turn to us professionals! We guarantee swift entry without causing any damage—something anyone can do by breaking the driver-side window. Locksmiths respect your vehicle and prioritize getting you into yours with utmost care.

We specialize in unlocking almost any car make or model without breaking anything and by using damage-free methods. Your keys are safe with us, as we will never resort to forced entry techniques for retrieving them from your locked vehicle.

Unlocking a Lock Yourself

To begin, the importance of this point should not be overlooked. Cars are deliberately constructed to resist intrusion—you will require specialized tools and knowledge to access your vehicle successfully. Popular online methods for unlocking a car yourself can further damage it if done incorrectly, as they involve prying back the door frame or forcing an object between the window and door frames. Keep in mind that any slip-up may have serious consequences on the structural integrity of your car’s doors!

For example, consider the screwdriver and metal rod method. You may attempt to open your car door by prying it back and wedging the metal rod in; however, this could cause an unfortunate dent in your door frame or even break a window due to an accidental impact. Though you might not necessarily destroy your vehicle’s door when attempting DIY unlocking, you are more prone to causing permanent damage with such methods.

Unfortunately, your auto insurer won’t pay for any damage you caused to it yourself. To make matters worse, even the slightest dents or blemishes on the door frame will serve as an invitation to burglars – like a beacon of light signaling them where exactly they should pry open.

While you may think a slim jim or wire hanger would be an easy way to open your car door, the fact remains that only certified auto locksmiths have the know-how and expertise necessary to properly use these tools without causing damage. Without this specialized training, using either of these methods could result in irreparable airbag and wiring harm inside your vehicle—not even mention making it vulnerable to break-ins. So if you want peace of mind knowing that no further damages will occur, let the professionals handle unlocking your doors.