Mortise Lock Replacement

What is a Mortise Lock?

For more than a century, mortise locks have been an essential part of residential and commercial buildings. This kind of lock is concealed within the door panel’s edge, nestled inside a pocket carved out for it; so both sides of the entrance are guarded against tampering. Mortise locks represent superior security with the added benefit that they blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Mortise locks, some of the oldest types of locking mechanisms around, were initially developed with a built-in warded lock and operated with bit or barrel (skeleton) keys. But upon Linus Yale Jr.’s invention of the pin tumbler mechanism, these cylinders soon became part and parcel to mortise locks. Now they are more secure than ever before.

For utmost security and functionality, modern mortise locks are the way to go. These locks can be adapted with all major high-security lock manufacturers’ components as long as they come in a standard diameter mortise cylinder. With these robustly constructed locking systems, you have peace of mind that your property is secured from intruders.

From the late 19th to mid-20th century, mortise locks reigned supreme for door security. Whether you’re talking about interior or exterior doors, these high-quality and reliable locksets provided significant protection from potential intruders. Warded mortise locks were typically installed into interior spaces while pin tumbler-operated deadbolt locks served as an extra layer of defense on external entryways.

Contemporary Mortise Locks: The Ultimate in Safety and Security for Your Home

The contemporary mortise lock is composed of stamped metal for its body, compared to the older version’s cast-metal structure. This new design was a huge improvement since any cracking after years of use could be easily fixed and each part would fit together perfectly with only minimal hand filing from the factory workers.

When a mortise lock malfunctioned, it was not possible to replace parts from another broken device. This is because the pieces were often too small or simply incapable of fitting into the corresponding lock. Thus, each and every part was unique to that particular system alone.

Nowadays, mortise locks are no longer what they used to be. Thanks to added features such as armored fronts and hardened bolts for resistance against vandalism, any adjustable front can easily be changed without having to remove the cover plate—even with specific lock handsets.

With the standards implemented, case size and backset have become universal – meaning that all pocket dimensions are now identical. Additionally, knob or lever location is also standardized as a modification to a Fire Rated Door’s mortise pocket is no longer allowed. By introducing these regulations, we can ensure the safety of everyone using such doors.

Mortise locks can be equipped with an electric system to grant or deny access remotely. With the use of a solenoid or motor, these mortise locksets can be configured for either Fail Secure (the lock is automatically locked without power) or Fail Safe (power must be supplied in order to keep it in its locked position). This allows you flexibility and control over who has access to your property anytime, anywhere.

Mortise Locksets offer comprehensive safety for all types of doorways, including exits, lobbies, and stairwells. Not only do they conform to fire life safety codes but are also suitable for any wooden or hollow metal doors – even those where electric strikes and magnetic locks aren’t authorized.

With many electrical mortise locks to choose from, you can also convert existing traditional mortise locksets into an electrified variant. Installing this won’t require any extensive door preparation as the addition of a wire raceway will be enough for it to fit comfortably into its designated space.

Mortise Lock Replacement

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Are you looking to get a new mortise lock or replace an existing one? Let us help with your selection process. We can assist in determining the best option for you based on budget, door type, and other requirements. In addition, we specialize in repairing and replacing parts of mortise locks as well as cylinders. If faced with any issues when it comes to these components, our team is here to promptly provide service and repair them quickly.