Residential Door Closer Installation

Your door is much more than a hunk of wood; it contains multiple working components that dictate who can come and go, how secure your establishment is, and the magnitude of safety allotted to customers.

For residential premises, door closers are a must-have. By attaching them to the top of a door, you can ensure it stays shut or open as desired—providing ease of access for those with physical challenges and preventing doors from being opened too quickly or abruptly.

Types of Door Closers

The purpose of door closers is obvious, yet vital—to keep the door closed and secure. Without a functioning closer, your locking system or card access system will be wasted. To ensure that you have the right application for each entrance in your home, it’s crucial to pick from among the six types of closers available which vary in size, color, and functionality so you can get just what you need!

  • Traditional Door Closers
  • Modern Door Closers with removable covers
  • Modern Door Closers without a cover
  • Concealed in door closers
  • Concealed in frame closers
  • Concealed in floor closers

Types of Door Closer Arms

Not only is it critical to understand which type of door closer suits different applications best, but it’s also indispensable to be aware of the types of closer arms available. The arm plays a vital role in the closing performance and determines how far your door will open as well as its operation level. To give you an idea, here are four main kinds of closers:

  • Should you require it, a Hold-Open arm will securely keep the door open for your convenience.
  • Dead-stop arms are a valuable tool, with an integrated back-check system that keeps the door from swinging wide open.
  • Spring-stop arms are similar to dead-stop arms, except they come with a built-in spring mechanism.
  • For windy and high-traffic areas, Heavy-Duty arms are the ideal choice. These are a must in places where powerful gusts of wind have been known to snap weaker arms in two.

Our Door Closer Installation Services

Looking for a door closer that’s right for you? We’ve got you covered! Our team can help resolve your trouble and provide the perfect solution, no matter what it may be. Choose between surface-mounted or concealed closers; manual or automatic; we have them all—so let us take care of everything.

  • Door Closer Repair – Our expert technicians will identify the problems in your door system and make fast, reliable repairs to ensure it is working properly again.
  • Door Closer Replacement – We are here to ensure that when your door closer malfunctions, it is promptly and effectively replaced so you can get back to business as usual.
  • Door Closer Installation – We understand that not all residences have door closers. To ensure your safety and satisfaction, we are devoted to working with your door frames in order to install a high-quality, long-lasting door closer quickly!

Our experienced technicians have plenty of practice installing and repairing hundreds of door closers, allowing them to get the job done right. Additionally, we stock a wide range of door closers so that our team can quickly replace any old doors with brand-new ones if necessary.