Residential Lock Repair

If you’re dealing with a faulty lock that isn’t providing the security it should, it’s time to call in an experienced locksmith. You deserve safe and secure protection for your home or business—don’t settle for anything less than reliable repairs from a professional.

Are you dealing with any door lock issues but don’t know how to solve them? Here are some of the most common types of residential lock repairs that your locks may require. Let’s explore each one and discover which could help restore functionality to your doors.

Door Not Latching Properly

This is a dire predicament. If your door lock isn’t closing properly, you must get it fixed swiftly – typically due to the latch and strike plate not being in sync.

From a minor repair like tightening the hinge screws or adjusting the strike plate, to a more complex task such as adjusting an entire door—it could all be possible.

It is critical to ensure that your door latches securely and properly. Even if you feel confident in trying to fix the issue yourself, it could be dangerous if the job isn’t accomplished accurately. In this case, always call a residential locksmith for residential lock repair assistance!

The Door Lock is Stuck

During the winter, a frozen exterior lock or interior one due to dirt and deterioration is no laughing matter… but you don’t need to call for an immediate replacement. Before doing so, try some straightforward solutions first!

If your lock is having difficulty, consider adding a dash of graphite to the keyhole. After doing so and operating the lock several times, it may be just what’s needed for successful unlocking.

Lock de-icers can be of use in a variety of situations, from when the lock is frozen to removing gummy and dirty deposits. Even during colder temperatures, this solution will prove effective.

If you’ve exhausted all other options, it may be necessary to take apart the lock. At this stage, enlisting a professional locksmith is your best course of action as they can evaluate the issue and determine what’s ideal for unlocking your frozen lock.

Jammed Key in Your Lock

If you ever find yourself with a broken key stuck in your lock, it is best to leave the repair up to an experienced locksmith. Not only can they use special tools that may not be available otherwise, but attempting to remove the key without professional help could result in serious damage being done to your lock. Save yourself time and money by entrusting this task to those who know how!

When a key is wedged inside a door lock, don’t hesitate in calling an emergency locksmith right away. This professional will arrive speedily to eliminate the broken key and provide you with access back into your residence or vehicle.

Seeking the expertise of a certified locksmith is always your best bet when it comes to repairing broken door locks. With their special instruments and extensive training in all aspects of lock maintenance, you can be sure that further damage will not occur. So don’t hesitate—to get the help you need right away.