Window Installation

If you don’t have your window locks in proper working order, then the security of both your home and office is compromised. Burglars can enter when they please – so call us now to ensure that our team of certified locksmiths can repair them as soon as possible! With secure windows, peace of mind follows. Don’t wait any longer—contact us today!

Not only can you call us when your window locks need repairs, but our exceptional locksmith services are available to install top-of-the-line security features on newly bought windows. Furthermore, if you’d like to update the existing locks in your home or business with all new ones – we’ve got that covered too! Don’t wait and contact us today for a professional solution for all of your lock needs.

With us, any kind of window lock job is a breeze. We specialize in this field and take pride in our quick response to customer needs; just call us and we’ll be there as soon as possible! Our expertise ensures that you receive the best service from start to finish.

Reliable Residential Window Lock Replacement

Our window lock service provides new installations, as well as replacing old locks with more up-to-date ones. We highly suggest getting your windows locked for the sake of improved security and at a reasonable cost. When selecting your replacement locks, you should be aware that the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) categorizes them into three different grades based on their level of protection.

Grade 1 – If you’re looking to truly bolster the security of your property, then replacing all obsolete locks with Grade 1 window locks is a must. Not only are these near impossible to pick, but they also provide invaluable peace-of-mind that your home or business remains secure. Of course, there’s one slight caveat: grade 1 window locks might have slightly higher costs compared to other alternatives – yet nothing can match the value and assurance supplied by quality lock systems such as this!

Grade 2 – Compared to what we were previously working with, these locks are far more cost-effective. However, they do provide a slightly reduced level of security compared to their counterparts – but this doesn’t mean that they’re easily breached!

Grade 3 – If you are looking for a cost-efficient option, Grade 3 locks could be the perfect solution. However, they don’t provide as much security compared to the other two grades of locks—so if your home is equipped with old or rusty locks that need replacement, then upgrading them to Grade 3 will surely bring about safety benefits.

Not only is the quality of our window locks paramount, but dependent upon multiple deciding factors including your location and existing security measures we can provide a system that ensures maximum protection. Whatever style you choose to fit your needs, rest assured it will be installed quickly yet professionally with precision by our team.

Repairing Window Locks

Taking prompt action if something malfunctions with your window is essential; otherwise, the issue could have a dire influence on both your comfort and the safety of your property. Get it fixed immediately by contacting us!

If any of the following occur, it’s time to reach out to us for help:

  • The window lock has jammed, preventing me from closing the window.
  • I am unable to open the window lock.
  • The latch on my window is broken.
  • I seem to have misplaced the key that opens my windows.
  • I’m seeking to upgrade my current window locks with Grade 1 security locks.

These are merely some of the examples of window lock issues that we can provide solutions for. Even if your particular concern is not on this list, do not worry! Our team of licensed locksmiths has all the equipment and expertise necessary to address any issue related to window locks – no matter what it may be.